Thursday, June 25, 2009

TransfOrmer 2 : Revenge of The Fallen...;)

Hey guys..!!~

yesterdAy ( 24 June 2009 ) i go to Times Square..

to pay my u-mObile bil...

b4 dat, i went to gsc to cOllect my reservatiOn tiket...

afta dats i jln2 arOund just to wAit until 2.30pm....

lucky me cOz i've alreAdy bOok my tiket 2 days ago..!!~

feww...!!~ if nOt, i've to Q line-up shOo long to buy da tikets...

just wasting time jln2 arOund ts then went to sg wAng also...;p

afta 2.20pm we went to buy sOme snack b4 wAtch dat mOvie...

da mOvie is lOcated at cinema numb 9..hehe ;)

b4 i gO in, i sAw my fwen Q shOo long wif others peeps..!!~

then i msg her, pOor Fazlin...

tikets trAnsfOrmer hav sOld out..!!!~

then she went to ampang wif hOpes dat there is tikets for her n her bf....;p

btw, i'm Quite enjOy wAtch diz mOvie...!!~

i lOve it shOo much...;)

shia La' beouf is shOo cute when he wif megAn fOx...haha...;p

fyi.. diz mOvie is dAmn very bEst mOvie ever amOng da mOvie i've alreAdy seen in diz May n June...;)

cAn't wAit to wAtch it agAin...

my brO gOnna take his 3 sOn n mE wAtch diz mOvie...!!~

100% da best mOvie....!!!~

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