Monday, June 8, 2009

bAck to shah aLam..;p

last 3 days ago on friday, i came back to shah aLam..
gile miss go there lOrh..
since cuti yg m'bOredkn...huhu
i go to unisel to settle few things..
then, i wait for my hsemates to come back..
at 3pm go to mkn at amin thAi..huhu
miss my sOtong msk pedas...hehehe
afta dat we go to unisel back 4 my hsemates to settle her things tOo..
thus, i also wanna visit my deArest lect..;)
i've meet up wif Ms. Azizah, Ms. Fauzana n Mdm, Erna..;)
we talked a lOt...hehe
Quite enjOying spent abOut 2 hOurs bOrak2 wif them...
afta dats, we when tOo kL sentral heading to titiwangsa by taking monorail...
my hsemates wanna buy tiket 4 her lil sis to go back to phg..
afta dat, we go to News KTV in frOnt of times sQuare...
we karaOke abOut 1hOurs..
its so much fun dat karaOke again..huhu
i'm kinda rindu to karaOke puAs2...waAa...
1 hOurs is nOt enOugh but..
we hav to go back..
cOz afraid dats there no rapid to go back to shah alam...
haish!!~ best lOrh dpt jLn2 smpai mLm..;)
but, gOsh!!~ i'm brOke again..huhu

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