Monday, June 15, 2009

my alOng pErsiAn cAts..;)

hey guys..!!~

tOday 14th June 2009 is my nephew besdAy..;)
at 6.30pm i follow my brO, ateh go to kfC to celeb my bAby bOy besdAy..;)
he is turning 7 yrs old..
hepy besdAy to u my bAby bOy..!!~
mAy Allah bless u in mAny wAys..
luv yA shOo dAmn much eventhOugh ur Quite nAughty bOy..!!~
we mkn2 chickEn smpAi knyAng..;p
afta dAt his brO excited wanna go to my alOng hse..
he wanna plays wif my alOng pErsiAn cAts..
then we straight awAy go to puchOng my alOng hse..;p
alOng hAv 3 persian kitty...;)
they r shOo dAmn cute laA wEyh..!!~
their nAmes r apple, archie n ming Lee...
shOo dAmn cute ryte their nAmes..;p
i enjOy played wif thOse 3 cute kitty..
they quite mAnja wif mE...
their bulu shOo lebat n fluffy...
shOo CayaNg wif diz cutiey little kitty..hahaha
lets sEe sOme pic dat i take wif them..
ur gOnna lOve it..!!~
esp apple.. she lOoks like gArfield..hahaha
Ming Lee lOoks like da Puss in bOot on da shrEk mOvie..
archie hAv da weirD nOse..hehe..but he is da mOst mAnja kitty..hahaha

Diz is Apple..sAy hyE to appLe..she's so cute like gArfieLd..;p

Diz is Archie... he's shOo mAnja..;)

Diz is Ming Lee...she's hAv da shrEk cAt's eye...;)

p/s : lOve cAt a cAre 4 all animal in diz plAnet esp da rare animals...;)

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