Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hey guys..!!~

last school hOliday, ateh bwk my mOm, me, his wife n kids g penang..
cOz his kids tgh cuti...
besides, mama ( my aunty ) dew kt sna wif my cOusin isla...;)
at there we stay at mama hOuse at Penang Free School..
mama pengarah pendidikan kt sna..
so, we stay at the Pengarah hOuse at PFS...;p
umAh tue Quite scAry cOz besar sgt..
later u guys tgk pic of dat hOuse..;p
ktOrg jln2 arOund penang...
then dew one day ktOrg g Taman Rama2...
seriOusly, cntik tgk rama2 kt sna..;)
belOw dew few pic mse kt sna...
enjOy urself...;)
Penang Free School..;)

Butterfly gArden..;)

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