Wednesday, June 24, 2009

swEet memOries...;)

hey guys..!!~

lets begin wut i've missing in thOse day...hurmm..;)?
on 14th, 17th n 18th is da sweetest memOries 4 my family...
cOz its full of besday of our family members..

14th JUNE 2009 - Muhammad Amir Asyraf ( 2nd nephew )
17th JUNE 2009 - Hamidatur Redza bt Othman ( belOved mOthers )
18th JUNE 2009 - Huzairinah bt Hamidon ( along's wife @ sis in law )

hepy besdAy to u guys...
mAy Allah bless u guys..
hepy besdAy Ibu yg ke-62...
smOga pjg umur n murAh rezeki...Amin..;)
so, we chOose 17th JUNE 2009 to celebs their besdAy..
earLy in da mOrning i wOke up..
n help my mom cOoks Spagethi...
its our tOp fAvOu fOod to be cOok on special occasiOn..;)
yummy...yummy...its shOo deliciOus..;)
here..take a look these pic belOw...
enjOy urself...;)

Diz is my belOved mOm...;)

Diz is me tgh pOtong bAhan2...;p

sOme of da ingredient dat we hAv prepAred..:)

me tgh kacau kuAh spagethi to prevent dr melekat kt periuk..;)

weEe...nie kuAh spAgethi yG da siap masAk n reAdy to eat...!!!~
p/s : shAre da happy mOment wif ur lOve ones b4 its to late..;)

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