Thursday, June 25, 2009

TransfOrmer 2 : Revenge of The Fallen...;)

Hey guys..!!~

yesterdAy ( 24 June 2009 ) i go to Times Square..

to pay my u-mObile bil...

b4 dat, i went to gsc to cOllect my reservatiOn tiket...

afta dats i jln2 arOund just to wAit until 2.30pm....

lucky me cOz i've alreAdy bOok my tiket 2 days ago..!!~

feww...!!~ if nOt, i've to Q line-up shOo long to buy da tikets...

just wasting time jln2 arOund ts then went to sg wAng also...;p

afta 2.20pm we went to buy sOme snack b4 wAtch dat mOvie...

da mOvie is lOcated at cinema numb 9..hehe ;)

b4 i gO in, i sAw my fwen Q shOo long wif others peeps..!!~

then i msg her, pOor Fazlin...

tikets trAnsfOrmer hav sOld out..!!!~

then she went to ampang wif hOpes dat there is tikets for her n her bf....;p

btw, i'm Quite enjOy wAtch diz mOvie...!!~

i lOve it shOo much...;)

shia La' beouf is shOo cute when he wif megAn fOx...haha...;p

fyi.. diz mOvie is dAmn very bEst mOvie ever amOng da mOvie i've alreAdy seen in diz May n June...;)

cAn't wAit to wAtch it agAin...

my brO gOnna take his 3 sOn n mE wAtch diz mOvie...!!~

100% da best mOvie....!!!~

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hey guys..!!~

last school hOliday, ateh bwk my mOm, me, his wife n kids g penang..
cOz his kids tgh cuti...
besides, mama ( my aunty ) dew kt sna wif my cOusin isla...;)
at there we stay at mama hOuse at Penang Free School..
mama pengarah pendidikan kt sna..
so, we stay at the Pengarah hOuse at PFS...;p
umAh tue Quite scAry cOz besar sgt..
later u guys tgk pic of dat hOuse..;p
ktOrg jln2 arOund penang...
then dew one day ktOrg g Taman Rama2...
seriOusly, cntik tgk rama2 kt sna..;)
belOw dew few pic mse kt sna...
enjOy urself...;)
Penang Free School..;)

Butterfly gArden..;)

swEet memOries...;)

hey guys..!!~

lets begin wut i've missing in thOse day...hurmm..;)?
on 14th, 17th n 18th is da sweetest memOries 4 my family...
cOz its full of besday of our family members..

14th JUNE 2009 - Muhammad Amir Asyraf ( 2nd nephew )
17th JUNE 2009 - Hamidatur Redza bt Othman ( belOved mOthers )
18th JUNE 2009 - Huzairinah bt Hamidon ( along's wife @ sis in law )

hepy besdAy to u guys...
mAy Allah bless u guys..
hepy besdAy Ibu yg ke-62...
smOga pjg umur n murAh rezeki...Amin..;)
so, we chOose 17th JUNE 2009 to celebs their besdAy..
earLy in da mOrning i wOke up..
n help my mom cOoks Spagethi...
its our tOp fAvOu fOod to be cOok on special occasiOn..;)
yummy...yummy...its shOo deliciOus..;)
here..take a look these pic belOw...
enjOy urself...;)

Diz is my belOved mOm...;)

Diz is me tgh pOtong bAhan2...;p

sOme of da ingredient dat we hAv prepAred..:)

me tgh kacau kuAh spagethi to prevent dr melekat kt periuk..;)

weEe...nie kuAh spAgethi yG da siap masAk n reAdy to eat...!!!~
p/s : shAre da happy mOment wif ur lOve ones b4 its to late..;)

belOved JuNe...;)

Hey guys..!!~

due tue da prObs of my u-mObile brOadband diz few days,
i x dpt updAted my blOg...
there r shOo many thing hAppen to tells..
i'm gOnna pOst it all tOday...
evnthgh using da same dAted ayte..!!~
shOo, lets begin....;)

Monday, June 15, 2009

my alOng pErsiAn cAts..;)

hey guys..!!~

tOday 14th June 2009 is my nephew besdAy..;)
at 6.30pm i follow my brO, ateh go to kfC to celeb my bAby bOy besdAy..;)
he is turning 7 yrs old..
hepy besdAy to u my bAby bOy..!!~
mAy Allah bless u in mAny wAys..
luv yA shOo dAmn much eventhOugh ur Quite nAughty bOy..!!~
we mkn2 chickEn smpAi knyAng..;p
afta dAt his brO excited wanna go to my alOng hse..
he wanna plays wif my alOng pErsiAn cAts..
then we straight awAy go to puchOng my alOng hse..;p
alOng hAv 3 persian kitty...;)
they r shOo dAmn cute laA wEyh..!!~
their nAmes r apple, archie n ming Lee...
shOo dAmn cute ryte their nAmes..;p
i enjOy played wif thOse 3 cute kitty..
they quite mAnja wif mE...
their bulu shOo lebat n fluffy...
shOo CayaNg wif diz cutiey little kitty..hahaha
lets sEe sOme pic dat i take wif them..
ur gOnna lOve it..!!~
esp apple.. she lOoks like gArfield..hahaha
Ming Lee lOoks like da Puss in bOot on da shrEk mOvie..
archie hAv da weirD nOse..hehe..but he is da mOst mAnja kitty..hahaha

Diz is Apple..sAy hyE to appLe..she's so cute like gArfieLd..;p

Diz is Archie... he's shOo mAnja..;)

Diz is Ming Lee...she's hAv da shrEk cAt's eye...;)

p/s : lOve cAt a cAre 4 all animal in diz plAnet esp da rare animals...;)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

KLCC, 13th JUNE 2009..;)

hey guys..!!~

i just cAme bAck frOm penAng on 12th june...
i went there 4 bOut 4 days 3 nite..
gOsh!!~ shOo tirEd...
but whEn i wOke up yesterday mOrning...
i felt shOo hepy...
cOz its da day dats i'm gOnna mEet up wif my schOoLmates at kLcc..
i wOke up at 8 o'clOck..
reply all my fwen sMs ..
then i take bAth.. quickLy get dressed...;p
but i was quite late go to the Lrt bkt jalil...
sOwie guys dat i make u guys waited so lOng...
da reAson i'm late is bcOz...
fazlin say dat she wanna cOme wif me..
but i waited her 4 bOut half an hOur...
then br taw she xnk pegi...
shOo d**n mArah dat tym...
cpt2 i go get tAxi to lrt...
whEn we arrived at kLcc, we meet up wif amani n her bf..wuUhuUu...
amani alreAdy hav a bf...cAn't beLieved it..;p
sOwie amAni...bwEkk5..;p
afta dats ktOrg g beli tiket mOvie..
i wanna wAtch drAg mE to hell but izyan n wana takOwt..
then, dOrg bg cdngan tgk bLooD : the last vAmpire...
so, i x ksh cOz i likes to wAtch vAmpires mOvie..haha
suddenly amani kta nk tgk terminatOr...aduyAi...
cyg, i've alreAdy wAtch it 3 times laA babe..
ktOrg sume da tgk..sOwie amani..!!~
pas2 hEr bf kna blik awl...n haizril kta bLood x best..shOo...
they follow my suggestiOn to watch drAg mE to hell...
kn aku da ckp awl2 tgk cite tue...
dat mOvie r quite okeyh to makes u guys tutup mAta n telinga...hahaha
n syahmi did sOmething yg i t'gelak kt mOvie..
he suddenly drOpped few pOpcOrn haizril when he try to pass da pOpcOrn suddenly the shOcking scene makes him t'peranjAt..
pOor hAizril as da victim of syahmi n pOor syahmi as da victim of the mOvie...hehehe..(=^-^=)
afta dat ktOrg g mkn kt nAndo's...wah!!~
1st tym mkn ngn dOrg kt sna..;p
quite sedAp mkn kt nAndo's..;)
then jLn2 g kinokuniya..
i bOught manga kOmik...
suddenly addicted to KaichOu wa mAid-sama..
diz all bcOz sara, my hsemates...ergghhh..!!~ d**n it..!!~
then we jLn2 taking lOts of pic..
dat i'll uplOaded it on my bLog of cOz n in myspace, friendster n facebOok..;)
then afta dat we salam2 n decided to blik umah cOz da kul 5.30pm..
hehe... nOw lets see sOme of da pic ayte..!!~
enjOy urseLf..;)



at nandO's..tym to eat...lai2, Qing chi wo de haO pengyOu..;)

mse kt tOy r' us...liza skywalkEr n obi wAn azriL..haha ;p

tym nk gO hOme daA nie

in frOnt of kLcc...act dOrg nk b'gbr b'2..but i interframE..mE in da middLe of guys my bEst-bOy-fwEn...hahaha ;p

p/s : alhAmdulillah dpt gAk jmpa dOrg..w'pn x sume but we shAre da happinEss within Our heArt...;)

Monday, June 8, 2009

bAck to shah aLam..;p

last 3 days ago on friday, i came back to shah aLam..
gile miss go there lOrh..
since cuti yg m'bOredkn...huhu
i go to unisel to settle few things..
then, i wait for my hsemates to come back..
at 3pm go to mkn at amin thAi..huhu
miss my sOtong msk pedas...hehehe
afta dat we go to unisel back 4 my hsemates to settle her things tOo..
thus, i also wanna visit my deArest lect..;)
i've meet up wif Ms. Azizah, Ms. Fauzana n Mdm, Erna..;)
we talked a lOt...hehe
Quite enjOying spent abOut 2 hOurs bOrak2 wif them...
afta dats, we when tOo kL sentral heading to titiwangsa by taking monorail...
my hsemates wanna buy tiket 4 her lil sis to go back to phg..
afta dat, we go to News KTV in frOnt of times sQuare...
we karaOke abOut 1hOurs..
its so much fun dat karaOke again..huhu
i'm kinda rindu to karaOke puAs2...waAa...
1 hOurs is nOt enOugh but..
we hav to go back..
cOz afraid dats there no rapid to go back to shah alam...
haish!!~ best lOrh dpt jLn2 smpai mLm..;)
but, gOsh!!~ i'm brOke again..huhu

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

48 / 50....weEe..!!!~

hey guys..!!~

as u nOe, lAst mOnday i g wt test cOmp 4 my LicEnse..;)
i wAs shOo hEpy to let u nOe dAt....
weEe...i've gOt 48 / 50...
yAy!!~ hip hip hOorey!!~ i da lulus test cOmp...;)
nOw nk tggu g cerAmah amaLi 4 bOut 6 hOurs...
gOsh!!~ D**n S**t...!!~
lame nye cerAmah...shOo bOred..;(

p/s : xpa2, kna byk2 b'sbr...gAmbate liza..!!!~

Monday, June 1, 2009

LicEnse...cOm teSt..;)

hEy guys..!!~

tOday is my cOm teSt fOr DL..;p
i'm Quite scAred if i cAn't answer da QuestiOn abOve 46..
huhu.. cOz my sis gOt 50/50...
my pArents give me a lot of pressure...gOsh..!!~
i was hOping dAt i cOuld answer atleAst 48/50...
hehehehe...kuAtnye berAngan..;p
so, wish mE luck 4 my cOm test tOday..!!!~
there is still 6 hOurs b4 da test...;)
mAy ALLAH bless me...;)

p/s : gAmbate liza..!!!~ wt bAek2...;)

OMG..!! mAy.... i'm brOke..!!~

hEy guys..!!~

OMG..!!~ da title abOve..
i'm brOke nOw...
diz mOnth i'm spending a lot of mOney bOught nEw thinGs..!!~
u knOw i'm addicted to shOpping...!!~
on 1st mAy if i not mistaken i gOt my gaji wif ijah..
then we when to shOpping on 2nd mAy afta exam..duh!!~
i've 2 viNnci hEeLs..OMG..!!~
its such a waste but whO cares when it cOmes to shOpping..;p
i bOught one black wadges n one purple hEeLs..
diz pic is one of my vinnci heeLs...
diz may since b4 i cuti 4 sem breAk, i've go shOpping wif my deAr...
and i bOught diz nEw t-shirt on 4th mAy kOwt...
thEn, i go out wif fEndy n ijah...
i bOught nEw clOthes tOo on 5th mAy...
afta gOing bAck to my hOme, i've tOtally no mOney..
total brOke..!!~
on 23rd mAy, i've go out agAin...
n i've bOught new shOe...
it is yellOw cOlour shOe...;p
gOsh!!~ whEn can i stOp my shOpping addicted..!!~
its nOt gOnna end...
on 30th mAy, i've accOmpany my cOusin n nephew to go alamanda..
they wanna watch mOvies terminatOr n mOnster vs alien..
Oh NO..!!~i've seEn thOse 2 mOvie...
but whO cAres, they want to blanje mE maA...;p
it Quite amAzing to watch it twice..!!~
n u'r nOt gOnna believed it...
i bOught nEw sAndal...Oh NO..!!~
please stOp me..!!~
i bOught nEw red sandal...
but diz mAy is nOt oNLy bOut i'm spEnding mOney..
but it also bring happiness to me...
my sis-in-lAw gIve me nEw 2 hAndbAg..
one is white n one is my favOu cOlour, GREEN....!!!~
p/s : dUn speNd all ur mOney fOr shOpping..its nOt gud...!!!~