Wednesday, May 27, 2009

mA hAir sudA hAncur...;(


i'm tOtally piSs off..!!~

2 dAys b4 i gO hOme..

i go to da hAir salOon to get mA hAircut..!!~

i juz wanna cut mA hAir just da beLow lOrh...

but dat d**n hAirstyLish cut mA hAir sOo shOrt..

until it becOme curLy..!!~

mOst of u nOe mA hAir r Quite lOng n strAight..!!~

wtf..!!~ she cut it...i'm Quite sad...;(
i Luv mA lOng hAir crAzy d**n muCh guys...!!~

if laA i cAn samAn dat girL...haish!!!~

untiL nOw i've try evrythng to mAke mA hAir nOt so fuzzy..!!~

wth..!!~ i'm tOtally nOt gonna go dAt salOon agAin...!!~

gEt reAdy to do rebOnding...weEe..;)

mA lOng hAir...miz mA hAir d**n mUch..;(

mA shOrt hAir...;(

p/s : chOose dA pErfect salOon 4 ur hAir wiseLy..;(

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