Monday, May 25, 2009

exAm resuLt..hOorEy..!!~ ;)

hey guys..!!~
i'm so hEpy..!!~
guEst wut...wuUuhuUu...;p
2 days agO i've check my resuLt...!!~
gOsh!!~ i was so + tOtally + D**n + freAk out to on9 Unisel web..!!~
afta i receive sMs frOm feNdy, i QiuckLy on9..!!~
open my student pOrtal, n cLick at da exAminatiOn and....baAm..!!~
i sAw ma resuLt...;)
thAnk gOd..!!~ i'm sOo hEpy... syukur alhAmdulillah..!!~
mA resuLt still mAintain 3 pOinter..;)
lucky mE...!!~
cOz as u knOw i do mA pArt time jOb during dat semester, da mOst crAzy things is i still wOrk eventhOugh i gOt exAm..hehe
i oNLy study da Nite b4 exAm..;)
n i gOt A's in mA favOurite Lecturer subject, Ms Azizah n Mr Adam..!!~
>^ NCD and wAter n air pOllutiOn ^<
tQ so much to bOth of u..!!~
thus, tQ to Mdm Erna n Ms Azizah, i get B+ 4 mA EnvirOnmentAl Admin Law eventhOugh dat day on exAm i dA peniNg kepala buka buku + sejuk..hehe ;p
then 4 mA Mandarin, i afrAid i'll get C- or D bcOz i didN't take mA test 2, it cAn affected mA resuLt guys..!!~
but, lucky mE cOz since i was in primAry until secOndary, mOst of mA classmAtes r chiNese, so i understand wut r they saying eventhough sOmetimes i cAn't reply wut r they saying to mE in chinese..!!~
so wut..!!~ i'm mAlay, then i'll reply them in English..lucky mE...!!~

mE acT Like bDk pAndai...hahaha..konOn laA ;p

diz r mA greAtest Lecturer dAt mE cyg sOo muCh..;)

p/s : thAnks to ALLAH S.W.T cOz give da greAtest brAin i ever have...;)

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