Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October ♥

hey peps!~

siyes lame gile x updated blOg kan..ngeee~ :)
ouh! ouh! da 6hari msuk bln October..
my wOnderful + luvly mOnth..:)
really lOve October..
the mOnth wr i was bOrn to diz tOo much drama wOrld..
anOther 19 days to go b4 my luvly besday.. :)
i'm gOin to be 21 yrs old on 26th October...
awww... can't believe it..:D
i'm prOud to be Nor Fadzliza Bt Mohd Amin fOr 21yrs.. ngeeee~ :)

but, diz year mayb im nOt gOin to celeb my besday..
hurmmm...wish i cOuld celebrate it wif sOmeone or my friends.. :'(
nahh! dun be sad liza... u hav tans of year to be celebrate ur besday..insyaAllah..
just mayb nOt diz, cheer up! haish~ :)

mayb a celebratiOn aren't impOrtant enOugh but...
with whOm ur gOnna be with on the special day are much mOre + damn + super impOrtant.. :)
that will give u pleasant feeling that no wOrd can described it...
tOo much jOy n happiness that mOney can't buy...
be mOderate as lOng as it can make u smile.. make peOple arOund u smile n happy..
auwww... nOw i feel like gOin to cry.. :'(
tOo much drama..DAMN! hahahaa :)

p / s : cOunting day by day..Bless! ngeeee~ :)

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